Where to race next?

OK let’s go racing !!

The next big meeting scheduled for 2018 season is the 2 day F600 Nationals meeting.

The venue is the Sturton and Stow track at Caenby Corner on the A15 near Lincoln.

The dates are Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th Aug leaving Monday to compete separately in the lincolnshire open.

Where ever you go have a great weekend and remember if you have had any defects pointed out at scrutineering this year by the F600 committee/Cheif Scrutineer then your 1 meeting grace period has expired and any defects should be rectified before attending any further race meetings.


2018 F600 Nationals zee you there!

To place your order, please follow this link to the Facebook page advert where you can contact Ian Bennett and tell him your options, ie Colour and any extra wording/personalisation.

A bulk order will be placed on 20th Feb.


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