2020 F600 Season Review

Happy new year everyone for 2021

And 2020 well what can we say about that?

I am writing this in January 2021 as the Covid pandemic rages and a new mutation is taking hold which may or may not thwart our chances of getting back to a full racing season and all this just as a ray of hope in the form of a vaccine is on the horizon; so many unknowns still to unfold in 2021.

We had a limited but desperately needed racing/testing season which was greatly welcomed by all, however interest from some competitors was dwindling towards the end.  The general feeling was testing is no substitute for racing with spectators, family and friends.  We are looking forward however to a fully integrated race season in 2021.

Since the last test meeting of 2020 the committee and others have been working very hard to get F600 integrated into NASA as a full class with league allocations to enable us to race at the National Championships every year along with everyone else.

With this in mind they have rewritten and redesigned the rulebook by simplifying and streamlining the rules making it easier to police and understand going forward for club scrutineers, new members and chassis builders alike.

They have drafted a proposal for the board of Directors to consider and have been fostering support from leagues and clubs around the country, whilst gathering data and membership statistics relating to the distances travelled by F600 racers and the positive impact we have had in the years since the F600’s burst onto the scene in 2002.

We are still working on the F600 championship calendar for 2021 and will know more when the official word from NASA is released on whether we are racing or testing in 2021 and which clubs are holding meetings, however our intention is to hold a replica of the dates and venues planned for 2020 and carry them over to 2021.

To summarize this will be….

F600 championship rounds venues TBC
King of the Hill series for men and ladies (currently held by Scott Buxton and Hilary Frost)
F600 nationals 1 meeting over 2 days at North Wales but yet to be confirmed.

2019 Champions

Congratulations to Mens and Ladies Champions Andrew Watson SB20 and Hilary Frost WR400.

Andrew Watson “The flying Scotsman” very successful F600 driver over the years, well done Andy.

A Watson SB20

Hilary became both Whiterose Champion of Champions and Bf600 championship title winner in 2019.

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