2019 F600 Season Review

As the dust has settled from the 2019 season, a review of the racing seems in order!

The BF600C started in a fast and frantic fashion with back to back weekends at Nottingham and Leewood, before some mid-season disruption with the weather to blame. The series recommenced with the double header at Central Scotland but was then brought to a premature end as the weather once again scuppered the last rounds. Through the disruption though, Andy Watson (SB20) emerged as the championship winner for the men, with Terry Cox (ST1) close on his heels in second ahead of a close battle that saw Max Dawson (SL102) just take third place ahead of Trevor Frost (WR400). In the ladies Hilary Frost (WR400) took the championship with consistent high scores, but Helen Walsh (LM73) pursued her all the way and took second place. Amy Keenan (CS159) and Sally Burns (LM123) had a mountain to climb after missing the first round but raced their way to third and fourth place respectively. Congratulations to Andy and Hilary, the mens and ladies BF600C Champions for 2019!

The F600 Nationals was held at the Rosebowl meeting this year, and saw age and experience triumph over youth as Chris Allanson (S74Y) took the nationals title from son Callum Allanson (S48Y). Trevor Frost was the next over the line and took third place. The ladies nationals saw a guest appearance from Clare Horner, driving the car of Mike Flatt (M15) and she raced to car to a national title, followed closely by Hilary Frost and Erin Serginson-Page (WR58) in second and third.

This season saw the first (hopefully of many!) King of the Hill Championship held by the Pennine and Scarborough clubs, and for those that attended the racing did not disappoint! In some very wet conditions Scott Buxton (WR79) and Colin Bland (LM999) both took 2 wins and a second to jointly lead the standings after the first round at Pennine, with Sam Graney (P89EM) close behind in 3rd. The second and final leg of the series took place at Scarborough in decidedly better conditions, with Graham Foster-Vigors (S88Y) taking the round and Colin grabbing 3rd place, however Scott managed to race to second place at the round, and this was enough for him to take the top spot in the series. So congratulations Scott, first champion of the King of the Hill series!

Another first this season was the Melton Speed Weekend for the F600s, and through some pretty atrocious conditions towards the end of the day there was some great close racing, with Terry Cox taking the 1st place for the men ahead of Colin Bland and Wez Lee Travers (WR29), while the ladies were lead over the line by Hilary Frost with Helen Walsh and Erin Serginson-Page (SC600) taking 2nd and 3rd.

A mention should also be made to the racers who participated in the BAS and UKAC this year, as Graham Foster-Vigors battled all year to take the BAS F600 title ahead of club mate Chris Allanson, while Sam Flatt (M115) took third over Sam Graney as the fight went down to the last round. In the UKAC Terry Cox got the upper hand over Andrew Watson as they took the top two spots, with Matt Hickingbotham (ST62) taking third.


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