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Formula 600 are currently seeking approval from NASA to be integrated into the class structure and become a full NASA class and 2021 will be a decisive year in that process, we would therefore ask for your support, if you would like to see the class fully integrated into NASA then we would ask that you voice your opinion to your club and league chairmen so that they are aware of the feeling within your league and can vote in the NASA Chairman’s meetings throughout the year.
Thank you for your support and we hope to be racing at the National Championships along with everyone else very soon.

Founded in 2002 by a number of Leewood Autograss members, the F600 class is in essence an introductory specials class run to class 8 specifications with further restrictions imposed.  This is an attempt to reduce cost and increase the quantity of specials racing at club level.

The F600 class and championship will be governed by the elected F600 Committee in the immediate future. The overall aim of the committee is to raise the profile of the class by providing cheap, close, fast racing and all members who sign up to the BF600C are expected to follow this objective.

Currently F600’s do not have a separate class represented at the Nationals but a separate class is provided within the British Autograss Series and the UK Autograss Championship.

We therefore have an extended calendar of events due to demand from competitors and growing interest from clubs with the introduction from 2015 of a ‘Nationals’ style competition; one meeting over two days with a champion at the end of it.

Since 2010 BF600C has taken place over 8 rounds with the feature of being able to drop 2 of the lowest points scoring meetings. This accommodates for accidents, mechanical failures, holidays, work and not wishing to travel to certain meetings without putting yourself out of the running for the title.

All competitors in the BF600C must declare the driver(s) for the car at the start of the season; one driver and one reserve driver per car is allowed.

Thanks to our sponsors, competitors wishing to compete in the championship do not have to pay any additional registration fee or fill in any application forms although some details do need to be provided at the beginning of the season to enable the points coordinator to keep accurate records over the season.


The F600 class has been run by an elected committee since 2014 who are nominated and voted on by the membership at an Annual General Meeting.  Anyone wishing to be considered for one of the positions should make themselves known to any member of the current committee.  Details are posted on the F600 Facebook page

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